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10 Things I’ve Learned While Loving a Cowboy

“Cowboys ain’t easy to love and they’re harder to hold”.

Well Willie, you sure were right; however I’m going to disagree with you.  Mamas, please let your babies grow up to be cowboys.  There’s just something about the cowboy way of life and I’m thankful everyday I married one.  However, loving a cowboy isn’t always roses.  I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned while loving my cowboy.

1. You may own a boot rack, but there won’t be boots on it.

If you love a cowboy there’s a chance you own a boot rack.  If your family is anything like ours it will contain anything but boots.  You can nag all you want but I’d get used to putting boots on it yourself.  Your cowboy has better things to do.

2. Cophenhagen…EVERYWHERE

Ladies, if you haven’t gotten used to it you better just get used to it.  You’ll find it everywhere.  I find cans in my truck, in my purse, in my diaper bag and on every piece of furniture we own. I find new hiding places for spitters everyday and have cleaned my fair share of spilled ones.  Cowboys have their hats and they also have their Copenhagen.

3. Your garage isn’t for your cars, it’s just an extension of the practice pen.

Double whammy.  My cowboy is a college rodeo coach as well as a professional bareback rider.  If he isn’t on the spur board in the garage himself you’ll find a team member getting tune ups.  Our garage contains practice equipment as well as all the gear you’d need to use that equipment.  Then there’s all the tools needed to work on that gear.  I don’t plan on getting my truck in there anytime soon.

4. Starched jeans come before new shoes.

If it comes down to new shoes or starched jeans I bet you can guess what takes priority.  If there’s a sale on shoes the week before my cowboy leaves for the weekend you can bet Mama ain’t getting her shoes; however you can guarantee there are a least two pairs of jeans starched so crisp you can cut your lawn with them.  You cowboy wives know what I’m taking about.  I can’t complain though, I do appreciate a the look of fresh starched jeans.

5. Always purchase a little extra at the grocery store and be ready to cook it.

I mentioned we often have kids practicing in our garage.  Well, those kids are young college men and they know how to put away some food.  If it’s not college kids it’s a cowboy on the road who needs a place to crash.  I’ve found it handy to always have a little extra on hand because there’s a great chance you’ll need it with the lifestyle we choose.

6. Invest in a good stain remover.

Cow poop, blood, arena mud, grease, you name it.  If you love a cowboy you’re probably good at getting these out of your laundry.

7. You will become an encyclopedia of rodeo stock knowledge.

Ask me how many so and so was at such and such rodeo.  If I can’t give you an answer I know how to find it.  As a rodeo wife you’ll learn more about rodeo stock than you do some of your family members.  You’ll learn how they buck, who owns them, who owned them before that and if there’s a chance you can be a pile on them or not. You’ll squeal when you hear “babe I got so and so this weekend” and you know that horse is often associated with big paychecks.  Those are the fun ones.

8.  You don’t need AAA.

Ok maybe I’m exaggerating here.  However, if you love a cowboy there is a high possibility of knowing someone within a three hour radius of any destination you travel to within the United States.  It comes in handy when you’re in a bind or need a place to stay away from home.  Rodeo is a sport that creates lifelong friends that become family, no matter where they live.

9. Rodeo Ain’t Cheap

You better come from money or be really good at managing it.  It also helps if you can consistently put 22s on a 22 point horse (more rodeo wife lingo for you). That’s all I have to say about that.

10.  Your house will be full, but so will your heart.

You will treat everyone like family and you’ll always have room for them in your home.  Your house will be full whether you’re feeding team members, hosting guests, having bible studies, or holding practice sessions.  Your beds and dining room chairs will be full but so will your heart.

See, there’s a certain joy I have received from loving my cowboy that I don’t think can get anywhere else.  I wouldn’t trade this life.  Loving a cowboy has its challenges but the rewards far outnumber them.

Here’s to all the women out there who love their cowboys! Please share what you’ve learned while loving them!



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