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Picking up Cowboys

It’s the end of of June and that can only mean one thing in the Corbett home: the summer run. If you’re familiar with the rodeo lifestyle you know exactly what I’m talking about. The summer run consists of rodeos all over the country over the summer, and my husband will enter probably forty of those rodeos in about a month. There is a lot of travel, a lot of hotels, and a lot of flights. LOTS OF FLIGHTS!

I was picking Logan up from such a flight just the other day. It had been twenty days since he had been home and boy was this woman excited! I couldn’t wait for him to scoop me up in his arms after what felt like an eternity of video chats and phone calls.

I put on a new dress, curled my hair and put on a pretty shade of lipstick. I sat in baggage claim, latte in hand, and waited for the silhouette of a man in a cowboy hat carrying his rigging.

It was then that I really took note of the excitement of picking up that cowboy from the airport. The anticipation of seeing him was close to the feelings a bride gets on her wedding day. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Do I wait for the return of my Savior like I do my cowboy at the airport?”

I’m not a scholar of biblical theology; to be honest, I don’t spend as much time studying the Word as I’d like. However, as a baptized believer, I believe in the death, burial and resurrection

of Jesus Christ. I trust in what the Bible says. Because of that I believe Jesus will return someday. Do I know all the details? Of course not, much like I don’t know the details of my cowboy’s flights. I do know that he always comes back to me. I trust that my Jesus will do the same.

If I put in all that effort to clothe and prepare myself for my husband’s return, how much more am I prepared for the return of Christ? I’ll spend my days on earth with Logan, my husband, but thanks to my salvation I’ll spend eternity with Jesus!

This isn’t a “holier than thou” blog post. If anything, I’m sharing my wake up call with those who will listen. If I’m transparent and honest, I’m clothed in rags and filth and not my best for my Lord. I need to do some “spiritual laundry” and that comes with the cleansing of my heart through some serious repentance and prayer.

My relationship with Jesus was the last thing on my mind standing in baggage claim. I think God is pretty creative in the methods He uses to pull us back to Him! In the meantime I’m keeping my eye on the clouds, for Christ or my cowboy!


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