Doing Life

When The Cowboy Comes Home

If all goes as planned and Lord willing, Logan will be home a whopping five days in July.  These will be the some of the most difficult days this month.

Wait, what?

Yes, you heard me correctly.  Please understand I love having my husband home during the summer run because being a rodeo wife is challenging.   It is really hard having your spouse away so much; however #TeamCorbett faces a brand new set of obstacles and adjustments when Logan comes home from the rodeo trail.  Here’s why:

My Schedule Goes Haywire:

When Logan is gone I like to think I keep a pretty tight schedule.  I only have two individuals to care for, Conlee and myself and I am serious about routines.  Therefore, I tend to be very productive with my time.  When that rigging bag drops by the front door we know daddy is home!  If it is during the summer we know he is only home for a little while.  Conlee and I love having Daddy home so we try to soak up as much time together as possible.  Sometimes that is hard for me, switching from a drill sergeant routine to letting things slide.  The dishes will be there tomorrow; my husband will not.

That Laundry Though…

I may be able to let those dishes slide, but the loads go on forever and the laundry never ends (kudos to you if you caught that song reference).  Wives, I’m sure you’ve tackled some pretty nasty laundry; however a rodeo cowboy’s laundry in mid-July is not for the faint of heart.  I’m thankful that Logan takes advantage of laundry services on the road but sometimes there isn’t enough time.  It also needs to washed, dried, folded and packed before that next flight out of town.  My washing machine works overtime when Logan finds some time to rest at home before hitting the trail again.

Parenting a Toddler

This may be one of the toughest challenges I personally face!  If I’ve learned anything from being a parent so far, it’s that mom and dad have to be a team.  This is relevant regarding routines, discipline and communication.  For the majority of the month I’m the authority figure at home.  When daddy comes home there are two parents at home and this can be a struggle as I have to take a step back.  Just ask Logan about the Minnie Mouse four-wheeler he brought home before his Wyoming run!  I’m very stubborn and my way of parenting is best (or so I think).  I’m often proven wrong because I gain a brand new perspective when Logan can show me a better way with a fresh set of eyes.  This can be very humbling and hurtful to my pride.

There are thousands of women in my same scenario who are even more seasoned at this game than I am.  This is a huge learning experience for us a couple as we set out to accomplish goals together.  However, those goals mean nothing if we don’t continually strive to strengthen each other and our marriage in the process, especially through struggles.  The love and support we have received along this journey is unfathomable.  I’d love to hear your advice for adjusting to a spouse that is as in-and-out as mine is.  Please send them to me privately or leave them in the comments below!


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